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With 1:1 class sizes and flexible scheduling options, Halstrom is a private school designed with your child in mind. Halstrom is committed to providing individualized instruction to assist each student with improving grades, raising test scores, improving study and time management skills, and ensuring academic success. With one-to-one instruction, you can rest assured that your child will succeed and find motivation for learning, along with the confidence and skills to prosper inside and outside of the classroom.


About Halstrom Academy

Innovative Private School for Grades 6-12

At Halstrom Academy, we teach students the knowledge, skills, mindsets, character, and habits needed to achieve personal goals in an innovative, supportive, and socially engaging learning environment with a focus on personalized instruction. Over 19,000 students, grades 6-12, have embraced our philosophy and one-to-one teaching model to go on to achieve the highest levels of success through education.

Halstrom Academy has 15 campuses throughout California, and we will soon bring our unique learning environment to more neighborhoods!

Grades 6 - 12 | Open Enrollment | Full-Time | Part-Time | College Prep | AP | Courses for Credit | WASC Accredited | UC, CSU & NCAA Approved

“With the 1:1 instruction, my son’s teachers are able to hone in on how he learns. If he needs, he can ask his teachers to break down the material and he can work at his own pace. I see him feeling better about learning, and not afraid to ask questions.”
Jeanne B., Halstrom Parent

Why Halstrom

At Halstrom Academy, we believe students can reach their full potential with personalized instruction that instills confidence, character, and a lifelong love of learning. On our campuses, you will find close-knit communities that foster academic achievement and personal development.

1:1 Instruction

1:1 Education

This focused learning format allows each teacher to truly know each student and to tailor instruction to FIT his or her learning style, needs, and pace.


Academic Support

We provide a variety of single-subject workshops including math and writing, collaborative group work, guided study halls, and tutorials to help our students succeed.


Dynamic Community

Personal and social development is highly valued. It’s important for our students to feel comfortable, make connections, and create a positive school community and social life.


Healthy Environment

We provide a small, supportive community free from bullying, social pressures and distractions. At Halstrom, differences are celebrated, accepted, and nurtured.


Lasting Friendships

Halstrom’s welcoming community and collegial atmosphere allows your child to FIT in and make new and long-lasting friendships both on and off campus.


Improved Communication

Students work one-to-one with their teachers to set learning expectations and personalized goals that will help them achieve content mastery.


Increased Flexibility

We work with you to create a customized learning plan and optimized class schedule to help your child overcome any learning challenges or scheduling conflicts.


Fewer Distractions

With focused 1:1 instruction, teacher’s present coursework in a more creative way so your child will focus, engage, retain, and enjoy the learning process.

93% of Halstrom students who apply to a 4-year college or university have been accepted.